About Us

We make the little things better.  We pay attention to all the small details. 

Things that most people never notice, but should not be ignored.  We work day and night to make our products as great as possible.

Located on Florida's sunny Space Coast we are a family owned business that believes the customers deserve the purest products at an affordable price.  We pride our company on these many extra steps to ensure we provide the BEST essential oils.

        • All our essential oils are guaranteed to be 100% Pure, we test every batch we receive and the GC/MS reports are available on each product page to verify this.
            • Most of our essential oils are Kosher Certified (food grade). You can verify this for each oil on its product page. However we do not recommend essential oil for internal use.
              • We sterilize all our bottles at 160° to ensure they are clear of contaminants.
              • We store all our essential oils and carrier oils in our cold room, at a constant 37° to ensure the products won't oxidize rapidly. This can prolong the life of your essential oil up to 1-3 years.
              • We offer free shipping and a 90 day money back guarantee on EVERY product inside the USA.
              • We ship all our products in house fast and usually within 24 hours. 

              We hope you enjoy our products and notice that the small details really do make a difference.


              Welcome to Earthroma!