Why we Refrigerate our Oils

Earthroma's 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are Refrigerated to Increase the Shelf Life!

You see the earth is bountiful in many ways even though we don’t always see it or appreciate it. The earth provides us with a number of things that are essential to life. From the water we drink to the air we breathe to the food we eat to nourish our body. So wouldn’t it make sense to look to the earth to support and rejuvenate our mind, body and soul? From the fragrance of a flower to the smell of an orange to the scent of a pine tree they all serve a specific purpose other than their aromas.

Some of our Cold Stored Essential Oils!




(we currently have a total of 6 full size refrigerators to house our inventory)




Once you make the choice to embrace this way of life, there are many things that play an important role in the success of using essential oils. From purchasing your essential oils from a reliable source to being knowledgeable about safe uses, even storage plays an important role in the success of using essential oils.


Essential oils are very complex liquids even though it is in its simplest form. There are many components that ensure that your oils stay in their purest form as long as possible. First, storing your oils in a dark colored, glass bottle to block as much light out as possible is very important. Never store your essential oils in a plastic container. The oils will eat through the plastic over time leaving you with a mess. Next, storing your essential oils in a cool, dark, dry location tightly sealed is essential as well.


But there is one more thing that you can do to ensure the maximum amount of life to your essential oils. Where is one cool, dark, dry place that we visit numerous times a day? Are you stumped or did you say the refrigerator? That’s right! It is as simple as that, just store your precious little bottles of life in your refrigerator! Sealing them in an air tight bag or box is recommended to save your food from absorbing any scent that you store. If you have a small refrigerator you can designate for your essential oils is even better.
You see by refrigerating your essential oils you are helping keep the components that make up your oils at an optimal level. When essential oils heat up, it increases the risk of the substances in the oil to oxidize. This holds true especially to citrus oils like lemon, grapefruit, and orange because of the levels of limonene they contain. So even though all essential oils are subject to oxidation over time, refrigerating them can keep the process at its slowest.
Now you must be thinking, what is oxidation and how do I know if this is happening to my oils? Well when your essential oils begin to oxidize they begin to lose their luster and natural abilities they once provided whether through topical use or through aromatherapy techniques. Over time as oxidation occurs, it begins to lose its essences of life. Its aroma becomes less powerful and effective over time and as oxidation occurs it starts to break down and the smell can change. Oxidation cannot be stopped but it can be slowed down.
So by refrigerating your essential oils you can keep them at their most optimal state of purity for a longer period of time. This also goes for your carrier oils. Also by keeping the least amount of oxygen in your bottles of oil is good too. As you use your essential oil, transfer your oil to smaller bottles to keep the least amount of air in the bottle as possible. So by storing your oils in the refrigerator you can add about 1-3 years of life to your essential oils thus getting the most out of your purchase and out of your essential oils.

Cold Stored Essential Oils & Carrier Oil's

We store all our essential oils and carrier oils in our cold room, at a constant 37°F to ensure the products won't oxidize rapidly. This can prolong life of your essential oils from 1-3 years.  This also protects the oils from harmful pests and impurities.  We also keep the oils in the smallest size bottles to ensure oxygen does not increase the oxidization process.

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