All Around the World

We receive our essential oils directly from the distributors that receive their products from all around the world.  Many of the plants are indigenous (natural) to all different areas of the world and that's where you want your oil to come from.  For example, Basil is grown in India so that is where we get the essential oils from.  Some companies grow the products on farms in the USA which is actually not recommended since the plants, fruits and herbs do not grow as well outside there natural habitat.


Our Essential Oils are Tested!

We purchase directly from proven distributors which provides us with Gas Chromatography (GC), Mass Spectrometry (MS) testing on all of our essential oils. This is the first step in ensuring the oils have been unaltered.  This test is done in a lab where they test the oils for purity.  This document is available on each product page and is updated every time we receive a new batch.  We are also provided with the Certificate of Analysis (CA) which gives us another tool to make sure our essential oils are at their purest. 


Our Unique Essential Oil Process

We receive all our products direct in bulk shipments.  The oils are verified to be 100% pure using the GC/MS testing and Certificate of Analysis (CA) tests.  We then sterilize all our amber bottles at 160° F to ensure they are not contaminated.  We then store all our oils in our cold room where they remain at 37° F until they are shipped to you. This can prolong the life of the oils from 1-3 years. This also protects them from sunlight, premature oxidization, bugs and pests, so you receive the purest product directly at your door.


We stand behind all our products with a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!