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Still not sure? That's okay! Read reviews from past and present customers.  Our 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Carrier Oils are the BEST on the market.  We look forward to you being the next happy customer!
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Lavender oil

I found the aroma of the lavender to be very nice. I haven't had a chance to work with it yet, but the smell is the most important aspect for me.

My favorite scent

This is a great oil. It smells wonderful and is a great quality! I highly recommend.

Great roller bottles

Love these roller bottles, can't wait to use them!


I love the oil but it was very small amount


This is just another tool in learning more about Essential Oils. I'm just a beginner. Thank you for the fast delivery.


Love it in the diffuser and works well for tense muscles. Have done both and love it.


Love it. Blends well with most all other oils. It’s great when your sleeping. Very relaxing.

Large bottle, comes with a pump, fast shipping

I haven't used this fractionated coconut oil yet to make any products, but the bottle seems large for 8 oz. It comes with its own pump which is handy for dispensing. Smells wonderful, and being fractionated it won't become solid in colder temperatures. An excellent value for the money.


Love it


Quick delivery! Arrived just as described! This was my first oil purchased but definitely not my last! Thank you!

Good Aroma not too strong.

All the products are good.

Excellent Output

Not only is this a gorgeous piece, it also has great output and lasts for hours!

I Love Juniper Berry

When my kids were young a fried gave me a Native American remedy using juniper berries I put it in there koolaid my kids talk about how healthy they were when they were young


One of my favorites !!! Great for bedtime .


All your oils are good and your prices are great. Your cuztomer service Jeff W. is outstanding. Very glad I discovered this company. I get the orders in a short time. Keep up the good work!

Myrrh Oil

Very strong and I love that only use 2 drops and it fills the air and the room's of my home smells great will buy more.

Awesome Products

So enjoying purity & strength of essential oils & the fractionated coconut oil is a fabulous non greasy, softening agent for all my homade products. Using them for my fur baby a well. Thank you for ease in ordering as well as quick delivery. You're on my favorites list now!

Great necklace for oils with you

Love this necklace! Beautiful and works great for carrying around soothing oils everywhere I go to maintain willpower from the munchies! Blended pink grapefruit lemon myrtle copaiba turmeric 002 and Yusuf and works great in the necklace disc for sniffy the blend when needed!


It smell nice I was told it was good for bed bug bites I wished it was a bigger bottle

First oil i ever bought from Earthroma

Perfect for a light diffusing oil. I love this oil! Excellent delivery time, prices & quality beat other companies, and customer service is even better! If you haven't bought this one, you should. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Healing oil for your skin

If you have a fresh scar, buy it. If you have a scratch, use it. If you have a bruise, apply it. This oil is so incredible for owies on adults and children. Watch it all disappear and take its marks with it. It's so effective that one drop in 6 drops of carrier will work like magic, so you dont have to waste it. I love this oil. ❤❤❤

Exactly like other top brand Frank!!

Bought it bc I ran out of my Frank and needed an inexpensive QUICK replacement. #1, it's exactly like one of the best companies out there and 2, the price is the best you're gonna get for the quality. This needs 10 stars!! I use it for everything skin and emotion in roller bottles.

Perfect for emotional support

Exactly how it is described. Works best when applied topically to the feet as it enters the blood stream very efficiently that way. Mixes well with Lavender, bergamot and ylang ylang. Great customer service and EXCELLENT delivery time!!

Carrot Seed Oil

I got this last year and it has been perfect in my homemade sunscreens. I also added red raspberry seed oil, zinc, corn starch and whipped it up with shae butter to make a lotion.
A little of Earthroma's carrot seed oil goes a LONG WAY. Will purchase from Earthroma again. (-:

This Cajeput is awesome

Since this is so similar to tea tree i thought I'd give it a try. I have two bottles from Earthroma. I love their prices. Great addition to my collection.